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In this blogpost, we will show users how to add a taper road to the most outest carriageway for both MiTS 2 and MES Road.

For MiTS 2

Sample project file can be found here
*Note: In this project file, the most outest carriageway is “Carriageway4”

  • Click on ‘+’ sign under the Spread Input


  • Under New Road Offset, change the ID to ‘Carriageway4’ and change the number of sub-rows to 4. Then click Add > OK


  • Now the carriageway will be divided into sections of equal-spacing chainage which you can easily change the width to create a taper road. Example is shown in the image below.


For MES Road

Sample file can be found here.

At Road Width, try to add taper road to the most outest carriage way ( in this case, it is “carriageway 3”):


  • Click on the + sign




  • Change the ID to carriageway 3, change the number of row to 4. Then click “Add”, then click “OK”




  •  Now your carriageway 3 is divided into 4 section with equal-spacing chainage. So you can easily vary the width according to chainage position.