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Soft-lock license is now being introduced in MiTS 2.5 version. This license will only require an activation code and dongle hassle free. 

How to activate your soft-lock license;

1. Download and install MiTS 2.5.x.x

2. Launch software

3. User will get the Hardlock ID and click OK to copy

4. Send the Hardlock ID information to MES Support Team (copy Hardlock ID/screenshot)

5. MES Support Team will sent an activation license

6. Download the file and copy it over in your MiTS 2.5.x.x file location

7. Re-launch software and MiTS is now ready to be used.


  • Kindly inform that this soft-lock license is on ‘per machine basis’, means that only one license can be installed on one PC at one time.
  • To change to another machine, user will be required to repeat all steps above and the old machine will no longer be able to operate MiTS software.