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To benchmark MES results with MSMA 2 detention pond rational method  (Chapter 7 Appendix A)

Sample MiTS 2 Project file here 

Manual Spreadsheet here

MSMA 2nd Edition here 

Pre Development 

  • Tc and Rainfall Intensity 

For benchmarking purposes, we will override the Tc value in MiTS 2 by following MSMA 2 values. 

  • Peak flow for Qpre

Post Development

  • Ditto as per in pre development for tc
  • Preliminary Estimate Pond Volume
  • Peak flow for Qpost

Pond Sizing

  • Follow MSMA 2 pond area
  • Comparing Stage-Storage Relationship between MiTS 2 and MSMA 2

Outlet Design

  • At this stage, for the reason that will become clear later, we are comparing the results of our software against the MSMA 2 manual example and also our own spreadsheet.

Minor routing 1st trial 

Orifice size propose in MSMA 2 for 1st trial is 2m x 1m 

Hence if we use this value in our manual spreadsheet and MiTS 2, and then compared with MSMA 2, the values agreed.

Minor routing 2nd trial 

Orifice size propose in MSMA 2 for 2nd trial is 0.5m x 0.5m 

However, at this stage when a comparison is done with manual spreadsheet and MiTS 2, values between manual spreadsheet and MiTS 2 are the same but different when compared to MSMA 2.

It appears that there is some self-inconsistency when it comes to the 1st and 2nd trial for MSMA 2 manual example. Thus we will compare only between the MiTS 2 and manual spreadsheet from this point onwards. 

So we will only be benchmarking MiTS 2 with MSMA 2 up till ‘Preliminary Estimate Pond Value’ and starting at orifice routing (for minor, major and secondary), we will start to benchmarking with our Manual Spreadsheet. 

At this stage we compared the Stage Discharge table between the Manual Spreadsheet and MiTS 2. 

Minor Storm Outlet design

i) Stage Discharge table


Major Storm Outlet design

i) Stage Discharge table


Secondary Outlet design

i) Stage Discharge table



As a conclusion, the results from MSMA 2 shown is accurate. The discrepancy between MSMA 2, MiTS 2 software and Manual Spreadsheet is small which is less than 5%. Hence, it can be said that our MiTS 2 results is accurate as per MSMA 2 results.