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User needs to design a stormwater management to an area with a size of 30 m x 30 m x 1.5 m RC detention storage tank. The calculation is manually calculated as per spreadsheet.

The summary of the design output for the storage tank is as follows:

PSD = 177.7 (l/s) (Based on nearest impervious percentage; 75%)

SSR = 1307.4 m3 (Based on nearest impervious percentage; 75%)

Volume Provided = 1350 m3

Sizing Dimension = 30m x 30m x 1.5m

However, due to past development, the space required is not enough. Therefore, a detention drain might be an option.

Following is the modelling on detention drain and the results obtained are to be compared with the original proposal (30m x 30m x 1.5m RC detention storage tank).  

For more detail input on the detention drain, you may refer to the project file. (This project is using MiTS, kindly contact MES technical support if it can’t be opened)

As a summary, users can opt to another detention type (ie detention drain), as the result is almost the same.

VariableDetention Storage TankDetention Drain
PSD (l/s)177.7176.38
SSR (m3)1307.41389.27
Volume Provided (m3)30m x 30m x 1.5m= 13503m x 160m x 3m= 1440