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MES Innovation would like to announce that MiTS 2 now have a Cloud License Version

What is Cloud License?

Cloud License is an online license that allows users to access MiTS 2. Where no physical dongle was required. As long as there is an internet connection, the user can access MiTS 2 from anywhere without a physical dongle.

What’s the difference between a cloud license and a permanent license?

The Cloud License Version differs slightly from the Permanent License. When compared to a permanent license, a cloud license provides more benefits and features.

Benefit of Cloud License

Cloud License will allow user to use more features compared to permanent license. One of the crucial benefits of a cloud license is not just more feature but also advanced features. Those feature are a experimental or beta version feature.

This is to allow user to use those feature first before the permanent license user. Cloud license will usually be 0.1 or 0.2 version more advance compared to permanent license.

Currently, MES Innovation in progress to upgrade the software from MiTS 2 to MiTS 3. Especially for Cloud License user, they will have a benefit to experience MiTS 3 feature under MiTS 2 Cloud License.

Last but not least, some advanced features will only be offered in the Cloud License Version.

Where to Purchase Cloud License?

Those who are interested in or have any questions about the MiTS 2 Cloud License can reach our Sales Team at the number below;

con_tel 603 – 5885 1250

con_tel 603 – 5885 1256

📱016-227 3304 (Sales)

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