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MiTS Version 2 

MiTS 2.4 Versions

Released on June 9th, 2020 

MiTS 2.3 Versions

Released on December 2nd, 2019 

MiTS 2.2 Versions

Released on June 4th, 2019 

  • Provide drain composite design 
  • Support Civil3D for two (2) ways integration 
  • Implement on 3D length input column for Drainage, Sewerage and Water Reticulation at spread input 
  • MiTS 2.2 more enhancements and bug fixes 


MiTS 2.1 Versions 

Released on July 3rd, 2018   

  • Earthwork Watershed delineation 
  • Road – Cutside drain implemented 
  • Road cross section with ‘Title Block’ import is now available
  • Support for BIM 
  • Implement purge function for drawing 
  • Watershed delineation 
  • Culvert design 
  • MiTS 2.1 more enhancements and bug fixes 


MiTS 2.0 Versions 

Released on  Jan 17th, 2017

  • Full 3D integrated design across all modules in one single user interface
  • Provide better visualisation, more accurate design & enjoys better coordination 
  • Google earth point & elevation imports  
  • Multiple earthwork volume calculation method; i.e: Digital Terrain Method (TIN,TRN), Grid Method & End Area Method 
  • Shared slopes across platforms 
  • CAD. (.dxf/.dwg), Text (.txt/.xls) survey point import 
  • Tracing for architectural drawing & Google Earth drawing 
  • Clash analysis between water, Sewer & Drain in 3D view 
  • Provide direct editing for pipes clashing at 3D view 
  • Support basic CAD function 
  • Line, Curve & Arc platform modelling 
  • Auto sloping & berm generation with different cut/fill ratio for each platform 
  • Auto retaining walls location identification 
  • Auto generate longitudinal sections 
  • MiTS 2.0 more enhancements and bugs fixes

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