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MiTS 2.7 & 2.8 Versions

New features

  • MiTS 2 Cloud License & Softlock License 
  • MiTS 2 Intranet License Manager 
  • Multiple openings for Pipe culvert and Box culvert for normal conveyance
  • User can now input ‘Rock Depth’ in Earthwork for Grid Method 
  • Rock Layer is now available in 3D view 
  • Superimpose ground level and proposed level in 3D View
  • EW project boundary is now available in 3D view
  • Inflow hydrograph for pre-development is now available 
  • Display ground level in watershed delineation screen at the bottom bar 
  • Topsoil stripping depth and topsoil stripping volume details added in calculation report
  • Polygonal window selection is now available
  • Move elevation up and down simultaneously for Platform, Survey Points and Nodes at Spread Input 
  • Right-click at drain/pipe/sewerage to generate the long section
  • Inflow and outflow hydrograph for OSD MSMA 1 is now available 
  • Add options for scaling when importing objects from PDF files into MiTS
  • To allow move function for image tracing from google earth
  • Different capacity for different pump for MSMA Pump Design
  • Allowing user to rearrange the order number at table in Sewerage (SW) keyplan
  • To allow user to choose whether to have flat median or median to follow Superelevation (SE) for curve road
  • Allow rectangular pond type to have slope of 1:0
  • Labeling for End Area cut section
  • Implement modification factor for Q pond Rational Method


  • User will be notify when import platform from polyline with non-coplanar Z-values
  • MiTS 2 performance improvement when operating with large tracing file size 
  • Allow the move function dialog appear by double click anywhere at the input screen
  • The Stage-Storage Relationship starts at the permanent pool level for Retention Pond 
  • Enhance the sediment basin textual report by adding dimension with embankment included
  • Combine inflow hydrograph (Pre & Post) for minor and major for Pond Time Area Method & Rational Method
  • Combine Excess Rainfall graph of Impervious and Pervious in one graph for Pond Time Area Method
  • Combine Inflow & Outflow Hydrograph in one graph for Pond Time Area & Rational Method
  • Combine Pre dev with Inflow & Outflow hydrograph in Pond Rational Method
  • Show calculation of pre development excess rainfall in textual report for each storm duration
  • Allow 3 decimals places for pump design capacity
  • Horizontal scroll bar for graphs in MSMA report added
  • Warning message appear when the platform has too many number of edges
  • Edit coordinates via RHS property grid & Show edge count in platform spread input
  • Auto break a platform to triangles while maintaining the original elevation
  • Locate the PDF Scaling next to the CAD
  • Notify user when select auto balance slopes volume is not included
  • Highlight/blink the whole stretch of a road when it is selected in the project view
  • Shows error regarding PRV with suggestion in Verification Tab
  • When Bransby William Equation is used for Pre development tc calculation will not show Manning input box 
  • Error message on tc less than 5 minutes
  • To set Friend’s equation as default equation for Pre Development for Pond
  • Platform Editor Table (By Points) – Separating Table for Corners and Edges Related Settings
  • Water Reticulation: Excel Report will show outer pipe diameter

Bugs fixes 

  • Fix on  Intermediate points from turning pipes without nodes is not saved in sewerage
  • Fix on Software crash when open 3D view together with watershed delineation
  • Fix on Software crash when analysing pond in MSMA modules
  • Fix on Changes made at master string mark name is not instantly updated in when open cut section
  • Fix on error message pops up when create effective platform
  • Fix on Project crash when sync from MC integrator 2.7.26
  • Fix on Minimum cover of culvert for drain is calculated twice in Inver Level calculation
  • Fix on Slow Performance When Opening Road Vertical Alignment
  • Fix on Coffee Break Message When Input Water Demand
  • Fix on Masterstring cut section to be moved together with individual cut section when use move function
  • Fix on Software crash during batch export when specify a non existing directory
  • Fix on Survey points could not be read from dwg file
  • Fix on Batch Export: Result not generated in software is not greyed out
  • Fix on Software crash when try to override existing survey points
  • Fix on Survey points could not be imported
  • Fix on Error Message Appear When Using Move Function on Main Tab
  • Fix on Platform Editor Table (By Edges & By Points) – Slope In Drain
  • Fix on Top soil removal within platform area is not fully functioning
  • Fix on Watershed streamline looks different between MiTS and ACAD
  • Fix on Clash analysis report is not tally with 3D view
  • Fix on MiTS instantly crashes when importing survey points
  • Fix on Coordinates missing in Horizontal Detailing for Road Modules
  • Fix on Cannot ‘save as’ project file and error on ‘IO exception. You may try to clear the %temp% folder manually’ pop up
  • Fix on Missing VCDL file in backup zip file
  • Fix on Tracing Drawing is not showing once saved and reopen
  • Fix on Node Mark Not Showing During Modeling
  • Fix on Error opening project file in MiTS 2
  • Fix on Coffee break message appear when changing parameter settings for show breakdown
  • Fix on Cannot change cut fill area colour in cutfill contour
  • Fix on Coffee break message appear when change pixel size
  • Fix on Unexpected error occur when analyze drain with 3D view tab open
  • Fix on Error on ‘parameter name: vdArray:((index<0)|| (index> this_size)’ when turn off modules layer at RHS property grid
  • Fix on Layer rock and normal soil still shown after ground level feature is turn off
  • Fix on Dimension is not saved at MSMA culvert design
  • Fix on Boreholes layer changes is not preserved
  • Fix on MiTS crash when select box size for culvert after new dimension added at the parameter
  • Fix on Misassigned platform under boundary
  • Fix on Top soil layer is not shown in the cut section 
  • Fix on OGL layer in cut section is not turned off and cannot change the layer color
  • Fix on Boundary number in the output are not tally with the input boundary number
  • Fix on Soil Info beta button went unavailable
  • Fix on Imported platform elevations are 0 m
  • Fix on Sewerage keyplan details in the keyplan table is showing water ret details
  • Fix on “Sump mark has inconsistent invert level” error message keeps on appearing after using the iterated drain dimension
  • Fix on Pond textual report is not fully generated due to small tc (less than time step)

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