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MiTS 2.4 Versions

New features


  • Performance improvement when operating with large tracing file 
  • Increment of td at SSR can be manually define by user 
  • Angle shown at road junction in horizontal alignment 
  • User can now extend more than one cut section in one time 
  • Survey points sizing can be choose by user 
  • Vertical details is now in a box 
  • Last display setting in MiTS 2 is now preserved 
  • Table in horizontal detailing is now following title block alignment 
  • Vertices of multi segment water mains, sewer mains and drain lines can be moved
  • Earthwork zig-zag cut section is now editable 
  • Zoom all by double click 
  • Earthwork zig-zag cut section can now be extended 
  • Snap setting is now properly saved 
  • Zoom function for output report 
  • Improvement on road cross section detailing 
  • Search feature in PondCAD textual report & summary report implemented 
  • Multichrome cutfill export is now in realistic view when open in ACAD 
  • No more crashing when deleting survey points 
  • Clearer parameter description for Earthwork cut section
  • Tracing layer setting can now be preserved
  • End area element extend by width

Bugs fixes 

  • Fix on ‘Drain dimension in Parameter setting cannot be deleted’
  • Fix on ‘Drain not shown in 3D view’ 
  • Fix on ‘Calculated tc value should be used not the rounding value’ 
  • Fix on ‘Verification message on overlapping boundaries is not instantly updated’ 
  • Fix on ‘Cannot open (EW) keyplan when exported into DXF’ 
  • Fix on ‘Platforms in 3D view missing’ 
  • Fix on ‘Missing files when extract zip file using 7zip’
  • Fix on ‘Water level simulation appear when analyse rwh’ 
  • Fix on ‘Box culvert is saved as Half Round in spread input’
  • Fix on ‘Gradient range is not updated in analysis’ 
  • Fix on ‘Machine hang when open MiTS 1 project file’ 
  • Fix on ‘Crash in 3D view’ 
  • Fix on ‘Title block move and follow left margin 
  • Fix on ‘Some of survey points are not imported as one’ 
  • Fix on ‘3D view crash’ 
  • Fix on ‘Text overlapping between vertical scale and title block’ 
  • Fix on ‘Edited value for paper margin is not instantly updated 
  • Fix on ‘Right click function list at the title block tab not functioning 
  • Fix on ‘The P is not multiply with the duration for Brunei’ 
  • Fix on ‘Crash when saving project’
  • Fix on ‘Brunei coefficient is not updated according to the ARI’
  • Fix on ‘Retaining structure is not displayed’ 
  • Fix on ‘Software crash when click road output’
  • Fix on ‘Rainfall coefficient is not reflected in the output’ 
  • Fix on ‘Drain layer setting does not affect the display’ 
  • Fix on ‘Input not complete until final stage message’ 
  • Fix on ‘Software crash when key in larger CH value than end CH’
  • Fix on ‘No box divider for title block in ACAD’ 
  • Fix on ‘Software crash and instantly exit when click vertical detailing’

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