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MiTS 2.3 Versions

New features


  • PE/unit column added in PE Calculator 
  • Allow copy and paste table from excel into MiTS spreadsheet (for Vertical Alignment input)  
  • Guide on what to do if software crash when trying to backup a project file  
  • Reorder slope is available in EW manual 
  • Display gradient of road in Vertical Alignment 
  • Superelevation value for V = 20kph is now available 
  • 3D view speed is faster 
  • Provide minimum depth cover for drainage   
  • Keyplan details now include invert level of the upstream and downstream (for drain & sewer)  
  • OSD: allow user to proceed to ‘Outlet Design’ even though hydraulic structure is not required 
  • 3D length is now available for Drainage, Sewer & Water Reticulation  
  • 3D view is now instantly updated when changing position/size of a water pipe  
  • Software will prompt message to user when user machines do not have the font installed  
  • Earthwork volume calculated in Road module is now tally with Earthwork volume calculated in Earthwork module (DTM) 
  • Relative gradient of Superelevation in Road Vertical Detailing is now available  
  • Carriageway line in MiTS 2 is now trimmed when junction is created  
  • Synchronize area from drainage module to pond is the catchment area not the effective area  
  • No more overlapping image and dimensions at drainage parameter for drain types  
  • No more error pop up when inputting intermediate nodes at drain 
  • Independent gradient of slope and berm drain

Bugs fixes 

  • Fix on ‘Overlapped input in MSMA OSD Rational Method’ 
  • Fix on ‘Cannot proceed drain analysis when dimension iteration is set to NO’ 
  • Fix on ‘d value in the table pond volume estimation is not updated instantaneously’  
  • Fix on ‘LS Factor in ESCP crashed if the L is more than 300’ 
  • Fix on ‘Error opening project file due to junction on non-existing road’  
  • Fix on ‘Error on “Parameter name:Storm Duration” pop up when sync Drainage network at OSD’ 
  • Fix on ‘Analysis successful for sewer module but keep on analyzing’  
  • Fix on ‘When change MSMA Edition, the location list is not updated instantly’  
  • Fix on ‘Wrong scale during export for long sections’  
  • Fix on ‘Analysing process is taking too long in MiTS 2’ 
  • Fix on ‘Velocity calculation does not follow the actual gradient’  
  • Fix on ‘error on “Ray length must be in the range 0 < length < infinity  
  • Fix on ‘Platform outside of the boundary error although all platforms are within the boundary’ 
  • Fix on ‘Crash when click at the Drainage excel report header’  
  • Fix on ‘OSD MSMA 1 value for 2P24 is zero’ 
  • Fix on ‘When apply ‘ALL’ the first row will revert back to the previous setting’  
  • Fix on ‘Auto datum input row is not showing when  set to NO at the parameter setting’  
  • Fix on ‘Coffee break message appear when right-click  master header at the spread input’  
  • Fix on ‘Software crash when trying to back up a project file’  
  • Fix on ‘Overlapping colours of slope for fill and cut’   
  • Fix on ‘Outer diameter is smaller than inner diameter for HDPE pipe type’  
  • Fix on ‘Crash after clicked on Road Output’ 
  • Fix on error message ‘Attempted to read or write protected memory’ 
  • Fix on ‘Drain Category cannot be added unless click on the above row’   
  • Fix on ‘0 value of Depth and Excavation Volume in QS Manhole Sewerage’ 
  • Fix on ‘The new elevation of road is not updated’ 
  • Fix on ‘Sewer length in textual report is in different unit’ 
  • Fix on ‘zero value when inputting water demand’ 
  • Fix on ‘Empty verification failure notification’ 
  • Fix on ‘Udrain DWF area is not tally with manual calculation’ 
  • Fix on ‘Sewer length in textual report is in different unit’ 
  • Fix on ‘Error in Curve Road Horizontal’ 
  • Fix on ‘When drain size iteration set to YES, the proposed drain width is enormous’ 

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