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Here we are pleased to announce the availability of MiTS 2.6, the next iteration in the widely-loved, widely used infrastructure software in Malaysia and beyond.

So, what are the highlights?

MCIntegrator for Civil3D 2021/2022

Now we support Civil3D 2021/2022 for our MCIntegrator. You can now proceed to use your Civil3D 2021/2022 for utility modelling and sync it with MiTS seamlessly via the MCIntegrator plugin.

As the BIM integration technology matures, we will support every single version of Civil3D from this point onwards with MCIntegrator, to keep abreast of the latest trends and fashions in the AEC industry.

Watershed improvement

Based on the feedback from the users, we have enhanced our watershed analysis to make it more useful to them. Among the improvements are 

  1. The superimposition of tracing files on the watershed keyplan ( in order for the users to design the platform/ drainage path by taking into account of the natural topography)

2. The display of the flow path (and catchment) on 3D view

3. More complete watershed generation for certain topography

See Also:

Watershed Delineation in 3D View Video



Google Earth Import and Surveyor Points Enhancements

Same with Watershed, Google Earth Import also receives significant upgrades. Now the Google Earth image is available as a background after the import. 

Also, the users can now show the surveyor point texts on the screen. This is especially useful when you are importing the surveyor points from Google Earth and you also want the elevation values to show on paper as a result.

See Also:

How to Import using Google Earth Video


Slope Command Enhancements

One of our software strengths is the autoslope generation command– reasonable, nonoverlapping slopes just automagically appear with a single click of command, regardless of how you stash around your platforms/topography and boundaries, the slopes will just stop whenever they need to be, and with correct berm levels, so that when you draw a cut line, the correct levels appear neatly corresponding with the reality on the ground.

But you give us more ideas on how to make an already user-friendly slope command more power, so in this release, we also implement the following:

  1. Multiple tiers of retaining structure command
  2. Match corner command.  This is especially useful when you want to match two nearby platforms with uneven elevation with a slope platform that connects them together

Utilities and Import Features:

We have also enhanced our Import features to include PDF file import. Due to the fact that the entities on PDF are not actual CAD entities, we can only make a guess and map them to CAD entities accordingly. So there are some ambiguities around. But still, we believe that there are enough high quality PDF files lying around and thus make this feature useful.

Besides that, we have also improved on the Utilities features, you can now select the orientation of drains/sewage during the import stage, and you can also adjust the water reticulation level at one go, corresponding to the new depth that you want to bury the water reticulation pipes

Blog posts:

In addition to delivering feature updates, we also commit to improve the contents of our blogs, here are a few noteworthy blog posts, that we hope our readers might find useful.

  1. Benchmark for Rational Detention Pond Method– MSMA 2
  2. Discrepancy in Earthworks Volume Calculation?
  3. Mapping The Results of MiDUSS to MiTS Software

There are more!

A complete list of over 200++ fixes and feature enhancements can be found here

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