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In order to better deliver updates to users, we have introduced AutoUpdate function in our software way back in 2.5

To further serve different types of users better, we now label each release with a different release category, shown in the above screenshot. You might wonder what they mean, and let’s unpack them one by one in this article.

Bleeding Edge Realease:

This is for the most adventurous of all. Bleeding Edge Release is usually not really well-tested; critical functions can be broken, workarounds might be required, but still, the overall software is still usable.

We make this type of release when we want to gain feedback from a critical mass of users.

Interim Release:

This is for those who want to get ahead of typical users in terms of sampling the latest features. It should be good to use and more stable than Bleeding Edge Release ( Of course!). Normal users should have absolutely no problem in using the software in production.

We encourage you to try Interim Release and give us feedback from time to time. 

Genereal Release:

This is the most stable release of them all. For the most conservative bunch of users. The drawback of General Release users is that they are typically a few months behind the brave souls in terms of getting the new features. 

Release Note is prepared during General Release only.

Private Release:

Besides that, we also release hotfixes/Private Release from time to time, depending on the customer’s needs. We understand that sometimes users need such a release to get the work done in critical time. 

Private Release will usually be communicated via emails and not publicly. After all, this is what private is all about. But we don’t prohibit you from sharing Private Release with others.

Regardless of whether you are on Private Release, Bleeding Edge Release, Interim Release or General Release, don’t hesitate to send us feedback at support@mes100.com if you have any bugs, queries, feature requests or just industrial news; we love to hear from you!

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