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1.0 Issue:

MiTS onwards won’t be importing road module generated in MiTS 1 into MiTS 2 as Earthworks Platform. This is because the algorithm between these two versions is slightly different which results as per examples below.

Example MITS 1 MITS 2
Different chainage at intersection image5

  • Intersection chainage at CH 709.232

  • Intersection chainage at CH 709.088
Different elevation at intersection image2

  • Road elevation at intersection is 33.161 m

  • Road elevation at intersection is 33.162 m

The discrepancies shown in the examples above are explained as:

  1. Slight difference in road platform generated in MiTS 1 and MiTS 2 because MiTS 2 uses better road platform algorithm.
  2. Difference value of imported road vertical alignment and junction between MiTS 1 and MiTS 2 because MiTS 2 uses more accurate algorithm.


2.0 Solution:

To resolve this, users need to fix the verification errors and regenerate the road platform in MiTS 2 to avoid duplicated platforms in Earthworks.



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