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We are glad to announce that starting from MiTS 2.1, MiTS 2 officially supports BIM software, such as Navisworks, Tekla BIMsight and many, many others. You can now export the entities in MiTS 2 and import them into other software, for purpose like clash checking, cut and fill calculation verification ( yes, we encourage our users to verify our software output, instead of just trusting us), integrated modelling and many, many more!

The format that MiTS 2 supports is IFC file format, the Industry Open Format for BIM software.

To export, just click on BIM Export function on file menu.

The following entities are supported:

  1. Road Alignment– Horizontal and vertical
  2. Original Ground Level, Platform levels, slopes
  3. Water reticulation pipes
  4. Sewerage pipes
  5. Drains

MiTS 2 is using is IFC 4×1. Most modern BIM-compatible software will be able to open IFC file in this format.

This is a milestone for MiTS 2, as this broadcasts our commitment in supporting Open Standard, and our desire to make a local product worthy of International quality.

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