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MiTS 2.1 Versions

New features

  • Toe drain is now available in EW keyplan 
  • Users are now allowed to export to BIM compatibility file format in IFC 
  • Slope in road will be automatically generated based on per road basis 
  • Implement different layers and colour for Earthwork Slope in cut and Slope in fill 
  • Implement on the adjustment made to column widths of the spreadsheet input box will be saved when reopen the project file 


  • Improvement on lagging issue when switching modules in MSMA 
  • User can now choose to use Friend’s or Bransby William equation for Pre Development of Pond
  • Udrain perimeter calculation will exclude the upper part measurement 
  • Raingauge location provided in MiTS was verified and tally with MSMA data 
  • Penang – Georgetown location is now updated in OSD Simplified Method 
  • Raingauge location map button is now available at the RHS properties tab 
  • Implement gap between chainage title and the Cross Section graph 
  • Implement ‘Pond Bottom Area’ in Pond Sizing  
  • Rainfall Station information is now available in OSD Textual Report 
  • Speed improvement in changing the input in batch 
  • Speed value is now in horizontal outline 

Bugs fixes

  • Fix on software crash when click undo and redo button in road module 
  • Fix on Some of survey points missing and could not be imported
  • Fix on Software lagging when edit cross slope rate
  • Fix on Pond Depth Pick Up Incorrectly
  • No more crashing when analyse ‘culvert design’ 
  • The secondary outlet is greyed till minor design is clicked “routing”
  • Fix on Input Value in Sediment Basin is not Saved
  • Fix on the platform with 0m2 area and software crash 
  • Fix on Pond platform layer overlapped with residential layer in 3D view
  • No more software crashing when analyse MSMA module 
  • Survey drawing in .dwg can be imported without the need to be converted into .dxf format 
  • Fix on ‘Slope is not generated connected to the previous platform
  • Fix on ‘Excel report not generate after analyzing for water reticulation on newly created project
  • Fix on Drain Dimension Does Not Changed Respected to the W1/W2 Ratio in Parameter Setting
  • User will no longer required to key in ‘Admin Password’ when using MiTS 2 in non-administrator account 
  • Fix on ifc file exported from MiTS cant be opened in BIM Viewer
  • Fix on Secondary ARI years is written as XX in Outlet Design table 
  • Fix on Gap between imported line (sewerage, water, drainage) is not allowed if less than 3.5 m
  • Fix on Value of maximum superelevation value is incorrect
  • Change on ‘H x W’ to ‘D x W’ for Box culvert dimension
  • Fix on water reticulation long section that shows Ground Level that is beyod survey point range imported 
  • Fix on No negative value in y axis for Pond Inflow & Outflow hydrograph 
  • Fix on Road cross section for “all” is not arranged properly
  • Fix on The cross section is not tally with chainage
  • Fix on Auto backup failed: Zip failed pop up
  • Fix on Cut side drain is not included in Earthworks cut section 
  • Fix on MiTS closed after click on analyze in Drainage and provide verification error on ‘Drain Network Loop not allowed’ 
  • Fix on Deleting HIP points take a long time
  • Fix on Kinked line appear at road platform
  • Values for Max. Relative Gradient at the Adjustment Factor Tables is now editable
  • Fix on Cannot change the maximum relative gradient values
  • Software will no longer crash when creating a new road 
  • Fix on Wrong input of Fill Area (with Shrinkage Factor) in End Area Method Report
  • Fix on Changes in Cutside Drain parameter does not reflect anything in the output (cross section)
  • Fix on Road Platform is not generated
  • Fix on Rainfall Intensity does not change as the rangauge location changes
  • Fix on Cannot import few platforms from one single drawing
  • Fix on When edit platform, the selected Platform is not highlighted
  • Fix on Hatching layer for retaining wall in cut section was done twice
  • All corrupted project file is now able to be open starting from MiTS onwards 
  • Fix on Long Section of Water Reticulation Pipe are not generated as it should be
  • Fix on ‘Platform show height setting from MiTS 1 not copy over when import to MiTS 2’
  • Fix on 3D view crashes when click on generate slope
  • Box platform mark in now shown and fixed
  • Fix on major and minor contour generated seems to be the same for both
  • Fix on ‘unable to add new vertical line’
  • Fix on Deleting a VIP point will not immediately refresh the vertical alignment screen
  • Fix on ‘to realigned the RL datum in road vertical detailing
  • Fix on ‘cannot compute normal on degenerated polygon’
  • Fix on ‘sequence contains more than one element’



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