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How to create platform for retaining wall


Image 1 *not drawn in scale

Project reference : EW3D

1.0 Issue

Retaining wall and slope are needed to be constructed between two platforms as shown in Image 1. Reference as in the project attached, it is situated between Platform 43 (pl: 32 m) and Platform 40 (pl : 42 m).

2.0 Solution

At the moment, software could not generate such case which is to define the platform for height of the retaining wall. Therefore, ones need to remodel through CAD by adding false line to create false platform for berm and retaining wall as shown in the steps below.

a)       Create false line


Image 2 False lines are created

Two false lines are created in CAD to create the slope area and creating retaining wall height.  

b)       Create platforms within each of the lines created

Platforms are created and the platforms level are determined as shown in image 4. Platform levels of 42 m, 42 m, 40 m and 32 m are for Platform 40, Platform 41, Platform 42 and Platform 43, respectively.

False Platform 41 acts as the slope limitation boundary between platform 40 to retaining wall and the level was set as 42 m. Whilst false Platform 42 acts as the height of the retaining wall and therefore was set as 40 m.


Image 3 Platform levels are determined


Image 4 Platforms for each of the area within the lines are created

c)       Create slope

Since slope is to be created within the area of Platform 41, slope “In” is set at edge 2 (image 5)

Go to:

Doubleclick Platform 41 >> Edge 2 >> Auto Slope (Yes) >> Direction (In) >> Click OK


Image 5 Slope for Platform 41 is created at edge 2

d)       Create Retaining Wall

Go to:

Double click on platform that requires retaining wall (Platform 42) >> Click Edge that needs retaining wall (Edge 2) >> Retaining Structures (Yes) >> Click OK (image 6)


Image 6 Retaining structure is set at edge 2

e)       Create Cut Section

Go to:

Input >> Cut Section (image 7) >> Create cut section across the platform (image 8)


Image 7 To create cut section


Image 8 Cut sections are created

f)       Analyze

Go to:

  1. Input >> Analyse
  2. Result >> Cut Section

The steps above manage to generate the platforms as required as shown in image 9. Yellow hatch indicates the retaining wall.


Image 9 Retaining wall and slope are created

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