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Here we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MiTS 2.8 version.  MiTS 2 is a continuously evolving software, based on user actual feedback and comments ( we don’t build castles in the air). Here we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who took part in building the software by taking the trouble to send in their suggestions, tolerating the bugs and patiently waiting for the resolutions. Your altruistic involvement makes the software better, and in the process, makes the lives of your fellow engineers much better.

So what can you expect?

Cutfill quantity separation

First and foremost, we now allow the quantity of rock to be separated from the earthwork cut fill. This is especially useful when you have to cut rocky or difficult terrain for your earthwork purpose, because cutting rocky soils is a lot more expensive than just excavating porous soils. Breaking their quantities apart will allow the consultants to estimate the excavation costs better, and hopefully, will help them WIN more jobs in the future.

MiTS 2 – Soil Profile Layer in 3D view video (with rock layer) 

Swinburne Method result enhancements

Secondly, we also implement the inflow and outflow hydrograph for Swinburne method, based on the research papers that we can find. Swinburne approximation methods for SSR and PSD are derived based on certain assumptions and hydrographs. This is important because some authorities might want to see the inflow and outflow hydrographs; in general case you will need pool routing methods ( such as rational and time area method) to do it, but provided that the assumptions are satisfied, the hydrographs behind Swinburne method can also be used.

Multiple culvert openings

For drainage designs,we now enhance the Pipe and Box Culvert to support multiple openings for capacity design. Culverts with multiple openings are used in situations whereby a single opening isn’t big enough to cater the flow. From the capacity equations we can determine that the capacity just scales linearly with the number of openings; you may refer to the blog posts here for further information.

Work from anywhere, at anytime, hassle free!

Also, in MiTS v2.8 we improved upon our licensing scheme. Now we not only support physical dongles as license control, we also support cloud & softlock licenses, and also Intranet licenses. Why so many schemes, you ask? The simple reason our users are sufficiently diverse in their needs, and hence called for different license schemes.

If you are a big company and you want access within the company Intranet, you can opt for Intranet licenses; if you want to access the software from anywhere in the world, at any time, cloud license is the way to go. Finally if you are Thomas who just can’t believe what he can’t see… a physical dongle is for you.

Wait, there are more!

There are many more ( over 150++ of them) features and bug fixes, do give the latest version a try, and let us know your feedback!

Blog posts:

Our knowledge portal also forms an integral part of the whole software experience. Here we just want to highlight a few entries, you can get read more at our blog section:

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