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NEW Features in MiTS 2

1. More integrated User Interface (UI)

2. The speed of modeling and analysis results increased by 80%

  • to refer please click here

3. Verification is done at real-time

4. Real-time layer changing for all modules

  • please refer here

5. Import surveyor points in mm/meter/inch

6. Import surveyor points in text format

7. Multiple surveyor points group for both road and EW

8. Import multiple projects into one master project

9. AutoCAD like feature such as Measure, Zoom in feature

10. Google earth import

11. Road End Area Method

12. Roadside drain auto-generated

13. Roadside drain can be auto-generated by the software without clashing the road/EW platform

14. All the output and results (eg: Cut section) is instantly updated with the changing of platform height and also the existence of slopes

  • please refer here

15. Road width element can now be moved around freely

16. Define platform height by points and edges

17. Stripping soil depth is now shown in MiTS 2 cut section

18. Zigzag cut section

19. Drain/Sewer/Water node GL capture at slope, platform and also OGL.

20. Drain multiple outflow design

21. Drain import catchment area

22. Sewer/LW/Drain Long. section can now show the OGL/platform

23. Line import for SW/LW and Drainage

24. A shared slope in for two platforms (Slope half-half)

25. Measurement tool to measure any drain/platform/sewerage or any entity dimension precisely

26. 3D editing (Clash Analysis)




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