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MiTS 2.0 Versions

New features

  • As built platform (Platform as OGL) 
  • Auto pick up OGL, PL & slope level 
  • Auto generate road side drain 
  • Road – auto calculate cut/fill areas & volumes 
  • Road – AC/DC lane 
  • Provide drain real dimension on key plan 
  • Provide one sump with multiple outflows 
  • Purge function is now available 
  • Implement Details of distance on every platform edge
  • Users are now allowed to associate two grid points to XY coordinate 
  • Implement sub-rows for other road type as well 
  • ARI 200 years is now available 
  • Cascading drain is now displayed in Key Plan 
  • Right click ‘Add or Delete’  row in demand calculator for water reticulation is now implemented 
  • Backdrop height is now available in sewerage details box in key plan output 
  • New survey point group added when merging two or more survey point groups 
  • Double click ‘scroll’ button and software will apply ‘zoom extent’ function
  • Clash analysis utility summary now linked to the respective report 


  • Auto propose platform elevation based on surrounding level (infill)
  •  2D cut/fill area view with meshing 
  • Improvement in serialization/deserialization 
  • Improvement on lagging issue in Horizontal Alignment Curve input 
  • Enhancement on the cut/fill report so that all the cut section inside different boundaries and out of boundary will be segregated
  • Switching between different Pond Module is no longer slower when upgrading Syncfusion version
  • Road open loop when right click 
  • Users no longer required to double click to select ‘Building Type & No. of Unit’ in water demand calculator
  •  Raingauge location is now available at the RHS Properties tab 
  • Verge slope default values is now change to 2.5% 
  • Verge, shoulder and carriageway gradient is now set as individual gradient 
  • User will be prompt with ‘Choose Import Modes’ for importing surveying points when creating new project 
  • Include cut volume and fill volume in end area report column 
  • Implement on ‘New way of inputting elevation level: by corner’
  • Internal slope (shared slope) to be different hatching colour from the original 
  • Implement a platform edge and corner label differently to avoid confusion 
  • To be able to turn ON/OFF column in excel report  


Bugs fixes 

  • Fix on Inconsistency between the scale for vertical detailing and vertical alignment in road
  • Vdraw document version is now properly set 
  • Fix on The invocation of the constructor on type ‘Syncfusion.Windows.Controls.Grid.GridControl’ that matches the specified binding constraints threw an exception.
  • Now JKR Design Standard and input of MiTS 1 road will be the same when being imported into MiTS 2 
  • Fix on Surveyor points not moving after move
  • No crash when generating drain without drains assigned
  • Fix on Deadlock issue when changing the Comparison surface
  • Fix on Cannot open cut section drawing after export
  • Fix on Drawing is not showing after Untick All
  • Change the IDF calculator Storm duration to 1 hour instead of 30 
  • Superelevation parameter is now updated properly in the verification panel 
  • Fix on END AREA area in cut section and report not always the same?
  • Drainage layer is now set as default layer in cross section 
  • Verification Panel is now highlighted in grey when selected by user 
  • MiTS will no longer crash after parameter setting was set to default
  • Warning message will appear when user input superelevation rate more than the maximum requirement from guideline 
  • Slope information is now available at the RHS properties tab 
  • Fix on road 3rd IP goes back to start point 
  • Software will no longer crash when change shrink factor while opening End Area report 
  • Fix on Surveyor points imported does not follow the origin for Meter unit z elevation
  • Now The interface of the latest Gearth import wont no longer confusing the users as the input boxes are all in the Gearth editor
  • Text trimming implemented at the Utility Status on RHS tab 
  • Fix on Cannot insert number in decimal places at the location at the project parameter
  • Retaining wall now will be shown as default at the EW key plan 
  • Edge column is now added back at the platform editor 
  • Selecting area for vertical point is now enlarged for ease of selecting 
  • Import button is now implemented at the MiTS main button 
  • Fix on opening progress project from MiTS 1 to MiTS 2 with preservering all the project’s progress
  • Fix on ‘Platform elevation label is missing after zoomed in 
  • When superelevation value is zero, the software will automatically load the proposed superelevation value 
  • Surveyor point layer in Drawing tab on RHS tab is no longer there 
  • Fix on ‘Edge options is not available for parallel edge platform’
  • Software will no longer crash after clicking Retaining Wall button 
  • Manage button is now known as ‘Import Manage’ button  
  • Fix on slope in ratio  and slope in maximum height equals to 0m when import MiTS 1 into MiTS 2
  • When switching between comparison surface the end area will now be updated 
  • Fix on Measurement of ratio does not portray the value shown in the drawing
  • Fix on ‘Different value of cumulative volume between MiTS 1 and MiTS 2 
  • Fix on road ‘Generate Platforms’ and ‘Junction’ button was grey out when a new project created 
  • Fix on ‘missing on road appendix’ in road output  
  • Fix on No verification on superelevation exceeds the maximum rate in Parameter
  • Fix on ‘Road Module Cannot save the adjusted superelevation % data’
  • Smaller text height at drawing and set to default 
  • Slope direction to be only ‘In’ and ‘Out’ 
  • Fix on ‘Program crashes when editing cut section after creating a platform with cut fill contour open 
  • Fix on RWH indoor and outdoor appliances got switched 


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