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MiTS 2 is able import all drawings regardless of units, so this article only applies to MiTS 1 and MES Modules, and not MiTS 2. 

Drawings (survey drawing and tracing drawing) in MITS 1 and MES  Modules need to be in 1:1 mm scale, therefore, if the drawing is in meter scale, you are required to scale it to make it in 1:1 mm.

The steps are as follows:

In ACAD drawing.

You will need to convert the drawing from meter to mm by doing the following steps.

The “original layout.dwg”  is the drawing in m. In order to convert it into mm.

First, you will need to unfreeze all the layers in the drawing.

Then, do the following:

  1. Command: _scale
  2. Select objects: ALL
  • Select objects: Press Enter ( if the command still has this functions. Press enter as all objects have been selected)
  1. Specify base point: 0,0,0
  2. Specify scale factor or [Copy/Reference]: 1000
  3. Type in zoom all ( or zoom extents) to zoom to the drawing

Now, the drawing is in mm. Another drawing “rescaled layout.dwg” is produced as a result of this.


In MES software,

[Optional step] Go to the surveyor point input, select an origin, let’s call it O’ (“104”). Note that O’ is different from the real origin O. This step is needed only when you want to change the Origin because the points that you have are too far away from the real origin. Otherwise, no need. Also, if you change the Origin, make sure that all your other superimposed drawing must also be translated to the new Origin, so that all the drawings still match with one another.

1. Import the scaled drawing in MiTS.


2. Select the correct layer which represents survey point (if you are importing survey points)




You will need to convert the drawing from mm back to meter.

Then you need to translate the drawing from O’ back to O ( if you change the drawing Origin in MES software prior).

  1. Open the exported drawing in ACAD ( “exporteddrawing.dwg”)
  2. Use the “rescaled layout.dwg” ( the already scaled to 1mm one) as the external reference of the above exported drawing file to serve as the benchmark
  3. Selected all the exported entities
  4. Use command “move”, specify base point: 0,0. Make sure that all the relevant layers are unlocked.
  5. For the second point, move that point to the O’, ie, the point where “104” is in the “rescaled layout.dwg”. You should be able to see that the ““exporteddrawing.dwg” overlapped nicely with the rescaled layout.dwg.
  6. Delete the external reference  “rescaled layout.dwg”
  7. Select all of the object, type in command: _scale
  8. Select base point: 0,0,0
  9. Choose scale 0.001, then enter.
  10. To verify that the job is done properly, you can now compare this with the original drawing (“original layout.dwg”). The two should match perfectly.
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