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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of MiTS 2.4 release. This release is available to all our customers who purchase the MiTS 2 licenses.

There are hundreds of improvements going into this release, most notable among them is the availability of IDF coefficient and temporal pattern Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei. So now Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei can also use MSMA 2 for drainage and Pond design. [read more..]

  1. We also now support title block input for Road and Earthwork cut section [read more..]

This feature would be tremendously useful to draftsmen and engineers who are racing with time ( from our experience, it’s like always). 

  1. Want to define a batch of strings with consistent intervals between them? You can now do it via the Master String function. The idea is that you first define a `Master String`, and then you can generate a list of perpendicular cut sections along that Master String. To use the analogy of road, the `Master String` is the road string, and each cut line corresponds to the cross section at CH0, CH25, CH50… [read more…]

4. You might want to delineate the cutfill depth with color, and now you can do it via the multichrome feature in the cutfill contour tab. This feature will give users better understanding of the cutfill distribution, and hence allowing them to further refine their earthwork design situation. 

  1. Want to see your project– the road, earthwork and all the utilities in full 3D view in AutoCAD? Now you can! Just simply save the 3D view as DWG, and open it in AutoCAD, and you are able to see it. [read more..]

There are many more features, do browse MiTS 2.4 Release Notes for more information. 

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