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MES-Survey is a CAD & Earthworks software which can import points from ASCII (text) & compute earthworks volumes which is suitable to the use of Surveyors & Civil Engineers. It uses the latest computing technologies to provide a computational environment that is both users friendly, simple, fast and efficient.

MES-Survey is designed and developed for the engineers by the engineers. It comes with a rich and practical set of features that includes, but not limited to the following:



  • Can import points from ASCII (text) file with delimiter either of tab, space or comma.
  • ASCII (text) file can either be in unit millimeter, meter, inch, feet or kilometre.
  • Import points from CAD drawing where the elevations in drawing are represented by numeric or alphanumeric texts, contours or points.
  • Import the shape & proposed level of platforms from CAD drawing.
  • Point labelling, e.g.: point number, elevation, height & code.
  • Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM) creates Triangular Irregular Network.
  • High accuracy of earthworks volumes computation from DTM.
  • Creates major & minor 3D contour polylines at user defined intervals.
  • Generates & Compute Typical Slopes Volumes.
  • Auto sloping and berm generation with different cut/fill ratio for each platform.
  • Generates Cut & Fill Contour.
  • Auto balancing between cut and fill volume.
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