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Dranet is a Drainage Analysis, Design and Detailing software. It uses the latest computing technologies to provide a computational environment that is both user friendly, simple, fast and efficient.

DraNet is designed and developed for the engineers by the engineers. It comes with a rich and practical set of features that includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Graphical sumps and pipes input with the latest GUI technology.
  • Follow Malaysia Urban Stormwater Management Manual First and Second Edition (MSMA 1st & 2nd Edition) guideline.
  • Auto design drain channels for open drains and culverts.
  • Auto proposes drain sizes, catchment areas, IDF intensities, run-off coefficients, gradients and invert levels.
  • Auto generates graphical output with all information needed by JPS.
  • Auto generates longitudinal section, sump detailing and quantity take off.
  • Multiple separated drainage networks and end points design.

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