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MiTS 2

MES Infra Integrated Total Solution

More integrated user interface

Real Time Verification

Generated Slope Is Available At Input To Facilitate Cut Section Generation & Drainage Node Ground Level Detection

Measurement tool to measure any drain/platform/sewerage or any entity dimension precisely

Improve in detailing– no more overlapping text at table level (i.e; Road Vertical Detailing)  

Can import surveyor points in mm/meter/inch

Speed of modelling and analysis results increased by 80%

Real time layer changing for all modules

All the output and results  (eg:Cut section) is instantly updated with the changing of platform height and also the existence of slopes

3D editing (Clash Analysis)




Shared slope in for two platforms (Slope Half Half)

EW – Curve platform input




EW – Infill function

Road & Highways

Road End Area Method

Road side drain auto generated


Drain/Sewer/Water node GL  capture at slope, platform and also OGL.

Drain real dimension size appear on screen

Sewer/LW/Drain Long. section can now show the OGL/platform

LW: more valve option

Line import for SW/LW and Drainage

SW/LW/DR – Press shift key to generate turning pipe without node


Complied with MSMA/SUStoM

Contain Major Urban Stom Water Design

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