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The application of an advanced technology for infrastructure design will be presented in this seminar. The utilization of innovative modelling software for faster and more efficient designs will be introduced. Speakers involved are specialists in their topics with practical experience in the industry. Thus, the seminar will greatly benefit the C&S consultants, contractors, developers, and government bodies who are interested in learning creative and innovative ways of infrastructure design for a better future.

Topics covered in this seminar:

  1. Introduction to the latest infrastructure design technology.
  2. Techniques to convert Surveyor Data and Google Map data into engineering design.
  3. Road & Drainage (MSMA/SUSToM) design using the latest GUI technology.
  4. Utilities design with instant result & report generation for submission.
  5. 3D Visualization technology of infrastructure design.
  6. Adaptation of IT Solutions in Advanced MSMA Design
  7. Advanced technology of earthworks, road, drainage, water reticulation, sewerage and MSMA

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