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How to reduce the number of surveyor points imported from contour lines

Sometimes user might encounter problems with software speed running slow after importing survey points. This usually happen when the number of survey points imported is at large or the size of survey drawing is large and these will give effect towards the software running speed.

Therefore, if this happen, there are few suggestions that user can follow based on case encounter;

Case 1 #

If the survey drawing size is large (more than 10 MB)

Suggestion Solution #

User is advice to reduce the drawing size by removing and deleting unnecessary layers that will not be used for modelling purpose in software.

Case 2 #

If the survey points imported is generated from contour lines and the points/lines are located near to each other it become heavy and surely will slow down the software running speed.

Suggestion Solution #

i) Try to import survey points from other data source like text layer or point layer instead of contour line layer

ii) If survey drawing does not have any text or point to import, user is advise to add some new text along the contour line to represent the elevation.

for eg: for one contour line user can add 10 to 20 text

Project file example here

iii) user also can add new line with new layer name along the existing contour line with less turning point  

Project file example here

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