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How subgrade/pavement thickness affect the EW cut/fill area

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In Earthwork, the pavement thickness sometimes may give user the wrong interpretation of the result as it will affect the area of cut/fill and will surely leave question marks.

In this documentation, we will go through example on the effect of the cut/fill area with consideration of pavement thickness and the one without.

Comparison #

Project file for reference here

Case 1: with pavement thickness Case 2: without pavement thickness

Let’s take ‘Cut Section 1’ and ‘Cut Section 2’ as example.

  • The area of cut and fill shown in cut/fill contour will be different due to software will compare the OGL with the platform with subgrade/pavement thickness
  • When user assign subgrade/pavement thickness, the pavement thickness will be taken into consideration when comparing the levels to generate the cut/fill contour. As in this case, the OGL will be compared with the platform level with subgrade/pavement thickness.
  • When there is no pavement thickness, the normal mechanism will be apply, OGL will be compared to the platform level.

To show the subgrade/pavement thickness, go to Options > Project Parameters > Earthwork > Detailing > Cut Section > Table > Add ‘Earthworks’

Kindly informed that the pavement thickness by default is 0.3m.

However, this value is editable and the pavement thickness is solely depending upon design engineer judgement.

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