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Slope drains on the roadside for CUT and FILL area

In MiTS 2, we implement a new feature that a lot of road consultants will find to be useful– slope drains that appear at the roadside for CUT and FILL area. This is as per JKR requirement for road design.

JKR requirement for road design (Arahan Teknik 6/85 Guidelines for Presentation of Engineering Drawing, page 18).

The Steps #

  1. Add Cutside Drain. Click on “Road Width > Spread Input > Click the plus button and choose cut side drain”.
  2. Change the dimension of the Cutside / Toe Drain. Click on the three-dots to change the dimension of the cutside / toe drain and insert the dimension value in the editor box.
  3. And you are done!

The Cross Section output #

The output will be reflected instantaneously on the Cross Section, as below:

Notice that the cutside drains will occur on the cut side, and toe drain will occur at the fill side.

All the cross-section, cut and fill volume report will be reflecting this configuration. Our cut and fill volume are always reflecting what you can see on the cross section!

The complete project can be downloaded from here

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